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1Password Unveils 1Password Advanced Protection

Cyber attacks are a persistent threat to businesses, particularly among large businesses who suffer the brunt of attempts. In response, 1Password today reveals 1Password Advanced Protection, an expanded suite of security tools for businesses with complex security needs. The 1Password advanced protection has additional security controls you’ll want to protect …

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How to keep your CMO job longer

On June 5, 2019,  the Wall Street Journal covered a fascinating study from Spencer Stuart, who reported the median tenure for a top 100 CMO had dropped to 27½ months.  A little over two years. Prior to that, the CMO of Lyft resigned after seven months.  A few days after …

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How AI is Learning to Play with Words

Imagine you go to a bookstore, and you notice and exciting cover. You pick the book, read the summary at the back, and the rave reviews. The plot seems intriguing enough, but when you check for the writer, it says “ by AI-something.” Would you buy the book, or would …

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How Connected Communities Can Bolster Your Business

When you hear “connected community,” it’s natural to think of the internet. While the internet is undoubtedly a conduit for connections, the actual concept goes much deeper. From public safety and transportation to civic engagement and economic development, access and efficiency are at the root of connected communities. Learning how connected …

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